Les Sapes de MIZIZI! Presenting Two New DRC Soccer Jerseys!

Les Sapes de MIZIZI! Presenting Two New DRC Soccer Jerseys!

DALLAS, TX., June 30th, 2021 -- MIZIZI presents the arrival of two new DRC soccer jerseys to commemorate the 61st independence day of the country known as the “Heart of Africa.” The jerseys are available for purchase on June 30th, 2021.


The inspiration for this visual campaign was drawn from La Sape culture of the Congo. Styled by Amanda Taymor, the two soccer jerseys are pieced together with colorful suits & hats accentuating the colors of the Congolese flag.
This new collared soccer jersey design was curated for all in the diaspora and more specifically, the Congolese Diaspora. “DRCongo” can be found written across the front of both jerseys, with a Leopard head stitched on the breast. The pattern along the right sleeve alludes to the Congolese river whereas the independence year, 1960, is displayed on the back with a DRC flag printed directly above it.
This jersey is 100% polyester fabric, sublimation printed with tackle twill stitching for optimal comfort.
The campaigns were orchestrated by creative director, Temi Thomas, designed by Kenneth William Obeng, captured by photographer Kwesi Yanful and videographer Luan , and modeled by Jewinne Tshibola and Chilove Mbemba.
MIZIZI is now a movement that transcends clothing; it’s a worldwide celebration of individual identity and the roots that connect us all. Forever and always the goal is to #StayRooted.

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