AfroDeities - Reverence, Grace, and Beauty.

AfroDeities - Reverence, Grace, and Beauty.

The African woman is the mother of all human life —the original goddess and the Divine Mother.  Without the African woman, we wouldn’t have the beauty and richness of blackness, with all of its different shades, styles, and cultures.  MIZIZI’s Exclusive AfroDeities Bomber Jacket Collection is meant to revere the power, grace, and beauty  that is inherent in all black women.  This jacket collection shines a light on four prominent African Goddesses from each corner of the continent—north, south, east and west— and is a visual representation of the influential impact each goddess possesses.  These women have provided protection, offered comfort, curated abundance, and manifested fertility, amongst many other acts of love.  Ultimately, these women have shaped the cultures that they represent—and for that we must give thanks. The AfroDeities collection is an offering to our ancestors and is meant to empower all who wear it. While the collection focuses on the female deities of Africa, it is meant to be worn by men and women alike—the goddesses themselves and the men who revere them. 


Directed by: Ciara Boniface
Creative Direction: Obiora Anozie 
Music: Loners Club - Give It To Me Slow



Art by Taj Francis

MBABA—is the dynamic South African Zulu Goddess of rain and agriculture.  She is well known for creating umqombothi, a South African beer exclusively curated by women, but her role as a Goddess transcends this one act.  Mbaba has power over both water and earth, but her true home is in the heavens.  In MIZIZI’s exclusive Mbaba Bomber Jacket, Mbaba is depicted hovering in the clouds, proudly wearing an ishicholo hat, which is the traditional headdress of the Zulu people.  This design boldly showcases unique Zulu print that is adorned across Mbaba’s body and embellished across the back of the jacket. Mbaba can also be seen holding a fresh stalk of wheat,  representing the beer she introduced to the Zulu people. 



Art by Taj Francis

YEMOJA— is the Yoruba goddess of the ocean and the mother of all.  Her spirit is present throughout many major cultures, such as Brazilian Candomble, Haitian Vodou, West Africa Yoruba, and many parts of Latin America. Yemoja is the fiercely protective and nurturing goddess of the water and her design features her strongest symbol—the seven layered skirt of waves which represents the major oceans.  Yemoja is often depicted with arms open wide to represent her welcoming role as a mother to all.  Water powerfully flashes around Yemoja and the cowerie shells hanging from her ears represent her wealth and deep connection to the ocean.  Similarly to the ocean, Yamaha can either be welcoming and tranquil or destructive and violent.  Her energy is as fluid as the water she so righteously symbolizes.




Art by Kokabzd

ATETE—is the mystical goddess of rain, harvest, and fertility among the Oromo in Ethiopia and Kenya. She personifies new life and fruitfulness in the Oromo culture, which is represented by the banana leaves and clear symbolism of abundance depicted in our Original Atete Goddess Design. Atete is seen as the mother of all 8 Oromo tribes and the diverse patterns showcased on her clothing embody the wide variety of people she serves and protects. She is adorned with a crown of kello flowers, which are the traditional flowers used in the Oromo Thanksgiving Ireecha ceremony. Her adornments represent reconciliation and fertility. Connect to your inner goddess energy when you adorn yourself in the overriding power of Atete, the goddess of power, graciousness, and abundance.



Art by Kokabzd

ISIS— is the Egyptian goddess archetype for creation, fertility, and motherhood.  Throughout history, Isis has been considered the epitome of female empowerment and the Divine Feminine.  Isis uses her feminine abilities to harmonize with nature in a way that is healing for all.  She is the guide for those who have died and a symbol of rebirth for those she will resurrect and bring forth new life.  Isis is often depicted with large, sweeping wings and it is said that she stretches her wings over the foot of the casket to protect the dead.  Above all else, Isis represents the innate magical powers that women possess and she continues to be a symbol for the feminine power that can bring forth life, healing, and protection.


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