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Senegal, Senegal Soccer Jersey -

MIZIZI empowers Afrocentrism through African roots regardless the origin of your country or African heritage and we are here just in time to celebrate the 59th year of Senegal’s independence with our Senegal Soccer Jersey exclusively for you all to join our movement of connection, authenticity, and representation!

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We celebrate the 62nd Independence of Ghana and in honor of their freedom from from the UK, MIZIZI has dropped their Special Edition Kent print new Ghanaian Soccer Jersey designed by Kenneth William Kwesi Obeng and captured by Paa Kwesi Yanful.  Don't wait too long because this limited edition soccer jersey will sell out fast! Read CEO, Paakow Essandoh, thoughts on his native country Ghana: "Every jersey release feels special, but this one is personal. It is inspired by pride in my homeland and how far we've come, as well as the Year of Return, the anniversary of the exodus of...

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#StayRooted, Afrodeities, Atete, Ciara Boniface, Egyptian, Isis, Loners Club, Mbaba Mwana Maresa, MIZIZI, Oromo, Yemoja, Yoruba, Zulu -

The African woman is the mother of all human life —the original goddess and the Divine Mother.  Without the African woman, we wouldn’t have the beauty and richness of blackness, with all of its different shades, styles, and cultures.  MIZIZI’s Exclusive AfroDeities Bomber Jacket Collection is meant to revere the power, grace, and beauty  that is inherent in all black women.  This jacket collection shines a light on four prominent African Goddesses from each corner of the continent—north, south, east and west— and is a visual representation of the influential impact each goddess possesses.  These women have provided protection, offered...

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Africa Soccer Jersey, Anniversary, Meet The Team, MIZIZI -

On August 30th, 2015, a 19 year old Ghanaian, by the name of Paakow Essandoh, launched a single line of baseball jerseys representing the most renowned enclaves of the African Diaspora.  Unbeknownst to our Founder and Chief, this small West African owned brand would morph into so much more than a clothing company, it would transform into an international movement that would flawlessly reunite the multifaceted members of the Diaspora.  MIZIZI is so much more than a streetwear brand, it’s a network of extended family. Three years ago to this day, Team MIZIZI couldn’t have imagined the tremendous impact that...

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Black Panther, Marvel, Marvel Collab, MIZIZI, MIZIZI x Marvel, Temi Coker, Wakanda, Wakanda Baseball Jersey -

The Wakanda Baseball Jersey is being restocked for one of the last times and is now available for purchase here: Please enjoy the following look book shot by Temi Coker. Modeled by: Arnelle Ballard and Ebony Tatum.  

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