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Jamaica Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Jamaica Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI’s “Jamaica” Basketball Jersey is a brilliant piece that identifies with people of Jamaican decent. The country’s name “Jamaica” is boldly contrasted in white against the black stripe that envelops it. Superior to the black stripe, both the Ethiopian Lion of Judah and a depiction of Africa can be found embossed in black. Deeply rooted in the Rastafarian culture of Jamaica, the Lion of Judah was added in reference to the love & respect Rasta’s hold for the late Haile Selassie, Ethiopia’s Last Emperor. Jamaica’s flag can be found repeatedly decorating the edges of the jersey, complimenting the golden body of the piece. Similar to how the name “MIZIZI” can be found on other jerseys of the Afribbean collection, the brand name sits at the top of the jersey along the back, right above the two digits “62,” representing the year Jamaica had gained its independence back in 1962. Our “Jamaica” basketball jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their African/Caribbean heritage with unprecedented and unique style.

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Jamaica Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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