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Anguilla Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Anguilla Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Anguilla” Basketball Jersey is a staple piece that epitomizes Anguillan pride. The jersey consists of a predominantly white body that accentuates the colorful feats of the jersey. The country’s name “Anguilla” curves across the chest in bold orange colors, lined with a narrow blue band. The same layout is used on the back of the jersey with our “MIZIZI” signature hovering over “’80”, alluding to the year Anguilla became its own British territory. The blue and orange color scheme reflects the colors of the Anguillan coat of arms representing the Anguillan values of friendship, wisdom and strength. The edges of the jersey are lined with impressions of the Union Jack wrapping around the sides and running along the shoulders. Our “Anguilla” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their Afro-Caribbean heritage with unprecedented and unique style.

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Anguilla Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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