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Black Lives Matter Hockey Jersey - MiziziShop

Black Lives Matter Hockey Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Black Lives Matter” inspired jersey was designed to emphasize different aspects of African American culture. Proudly displayed on the front of the jersey, “Black Lives Matters” is accented in gold to promote the significance of the current social movement. Red, black, and green fill the jerseys body in reference to the Pan - African flag. Having a touch of Ghanaian influence, the Adrinka symbol “Sankofa,” lies directly below it, symbolizing the necessity of reflection and growth. Bordering the bottom of the jersey, the raised fist is repeatedly illustrated to further promote support and solidarity. On the right sleeve holds the MIZIZI emblem stitched & labeled. The left sleeve holds the Juneteenth flag; a holiday that commemorates the abolition of slavery in the United States and also corresponds with “1865” that is displayed prominently on the back, representing the year in which it ended.

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For more information on the Black Lives Matters Movement and Organization, please visit

Black Lives Matter Hockey Jersey - MiziziShop

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