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Ghana Baseball Jersey - MiziziShop

Ghana Baseball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Ghana” Baseball Jersey was designed to emphasize different parts of Ghanaian culture. A Black Star is incorporated on each sleeve to represent Ghana’s national football (soccer) team, most commonly known as the “Black Stars”. A Kente Cloth print outlines both sleeves and the bottom of the jersey to illustrate the Kente Cloth, a cloth once held to a high prestige and viewed as royal fabric in Ghana. The unique symbol printed on the back of the jersey show an Adinkra symbol, also known as “Gye Nyame”, which symbolizes the supremacy of God and used to “express various themes that relate to the history, beliefs, and philosophy” of certain Ghanaian people. 1957 is the year Ghana claimed independence and is displayed prominently on the back of the jersey.

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Ghana Baseball Jersey - MiziziShop

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