South Africa Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop
South Africa Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

South Africa Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “South Africa” Basketball Jersey is a staple that embodies South African national pride. Drawing inspiration from the national flag, the jersey consists of an onyx black layout perfect for emphasis on the multicolor design of the piece.“SOUTH AFRICA” is prominent on the front of the jersey in vivid yellow letters, reflecting one of three Pan-Africanist colors on the flag representing the Black population. The respective pattern of the nation’s flag on the edges is a complementary offset to the jersey’s black body. The marriage of Pan-Africanist colors and red-white-and-blue accentuates the jersey and alludes to unity and diversity in South Africa. Our “South Africa” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their South African heritage with unprecedented and unique style.

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South Africa Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

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