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Somaliland Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Somaliland Basketball Jersey

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Our “Somaliland” Basketball Jersey was designed as an ode to the sovereign state of Somaliland. Inspired by the country’s national flag, the jersey is predominantly white with red and green accents. The crisp white layout highlight the wording on the jersey, printed in red college alphabet letters, including the country’s name, “SOMALILAND” and our “MIZIZI” signature on the back of the piece. The design on the sedges of the jersey reflect the triband design of the country’s national flag. The green, white, and red horizontal represent pillars of faith, peace and independence in Somaliland. The script of the Shahada centered on the flag’s green band is reproduced in a vertical patterns along the right edge of the piece.  Our “Somaliland” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their Somalian heritage with unprecedented and unique style.

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Somaliland Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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