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Libya Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Libya Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Libya” Basketball Jersey was designed to celebrate the national and cultural pride of The Kingdom of Libya. Modeled after the national flag of Libya, the piece follows a black-green-red theme, with accents mirroring the white crescent and star symbol centered on the flag. The country’s name and our signature “MIZIZI” are prominent in bold white letters against the contrasting black layout of the jersey. The horizontal tri-band of red, black, and green stripes patterned on the edges of the jersey represent the country’s three major regions Fezzan, Cyrenaica, and Tripolitania, respectively. The star and crescent symbol is printed is a repetitive vertical pattern wrapping around the right edge of the jersey. Our “Libya” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their Libyan heritage with unprecedented and unique style.

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Libya Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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