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Kenya Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Kenya Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Kenya” Basketball Jersey was designed to epitomize Kenyan national pride. The colorway of the piece is inspired by the colors of the Kenyan national flag. The jersey is largely black tying together the accents of the jersey and mirrors the black stripe of the flag representative of the people of Kenya. The country’s name, as well as our signature “MIZIZI” print, spread across the jersey in bold white letters, serving as a contrast to the background, and alluding to Kenya’s culture of peace and honesty. The Kenyan flag is reproduced in a repetitive pattern lining the edges and neckline of the jersey. The symbol at the heart of the flag- a traditional Masai mask resting on two crossed white spears, symbolic for defense of Kenyan values and freedom- appears in vertical patterns prominent on the sides of the jersey.

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Kenya Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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