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Ghana Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Ghana” Basketball Jersey was designed to emphasize different aspects of Ghanaian national pride. Modeling Ghana’s national flag, the piece consists of a horizontal triband of the Pan-African colors in with a black star in the center of the gold stripe. The country’s name, as well as our signature “MIZIZI” print, stand out in gold-outlined black letters against the contrasting white body of the jersey. A repetitive pattern of the Ghanaian national flag is printed on the edges of the jersey in a wrap-around motion. The horizontal stripes of red, yellow, and green are displayed on the front sides, while the right posterior edge prominently displays Ghana’s distinct Black Star, a symbol of African emancipation, which also lends its name to Ghana’s acclaimed national football team, fondly known as the “Black Stars.”

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Ghana Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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