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Gambia Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Gambia Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Gambia” Basketball Jersey, modeled after the country’s national flag colors, is an ode to Africa’s smallest mainland country. The body of the jersey is a crisp white reflecting the narrow stripes of the flag, symbolic for Gambian peace & unity. Our signature “MIZIZI” print and the country name “Gambia”, named after the Gambia River, the river the country sits on, is proudly sits across the jersey in blue, the color representing the River on the flag. The red numbers on either side of the piece is reflective of Gambia’s famous savannah. The sides of the jersey are lined with a repeat pattern on the country’s flag; the pattern also appears on the predominantly green neckline, symbolic of Gambia’s rich forestry.

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Gambia Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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