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Ethiopia Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Ethiopia Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Ethiopia” Basketball Jersey was designed to emulate Ethiopian pride. The design of the jersey is inspired by the colors of the Ethiopian national flag. The blue layout mirrors the shield of the national emblem present at the heart of the flag. The name of the country is expressed across the chest in yellow angled letters; the zero is characterized in the same hue with a narrow green outline alluding to the lands of Ethiopia. The same setup is mirrored on the back of the jersey with our signature “MIZIZI” print. The sides of the jersey are trimmed with a repeat pattern of the Ethiopian flag, with on the emblem. The blue disks with yellow pentagrams, symbolizing unity and prosperity, are aligned in vertical patterns accented on the edges’ designs. Our “Ethiopia” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their Ethiopian heritage with unprecedented and unique style.


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Ethiopia Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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