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Comoros Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Comoros Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's "Comoros" Basketball Jersey is a piece inspired by the national flag of the volcanic islands of Comoros. Like the Comorian flag, the color scheme of the piece consists of blue, yellow, red, and green, representing the fours islands of the nation. The jersey is predominantly blue, which represent Grande Comore, the largest of the islands. “Comoros” is proudly displayed in bold, boxy yellow letter representing Moheli, the smallest of the Comoros island. The flag is printed on the edges of the jersey in a wrap-around motion. L'emblème national (French for national emblem) appears on the posterior edges, while blue, yellow, red (island of Anjouan), and white (island of Mayotte) stripes appear of the front edges. Our “Comoros” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to proudly show their Comorian heritage with unprecedented and unique style.

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Comoros Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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