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Cape Verde Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Cape Verde Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Cape Verde” Basketball Jersey is a piece designed to capture Cape Verdean national pride. The jersey is inspired by the color scheme of the national flag of Cape Verde. The predominantly blue field of the jersey alludes to the sky and water surrounding the nation of islands. The country’s name is emphasized with contrasting white lettering, as well as our signature “MIZIZI” print on the back of the Jersey. The zeros on both sides of the jersey are encircled by basketballs, referencing our basketball collection in which it is apart of. A pattern of the national flag is produced on the edges of the jersey with white and red stripes representing Peace & Effort on the road toward the construction of the nation, and a yellow circular formation of 10 stars which symbolizes the ten main islands of Cape Verde. Our “Cape Verde” Basketball Jersey grants one the ability to display their national pride with unprecedented and unique style.

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Cape Verde Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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