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Burundi Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Burundi Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Burundi” Basketball Jersey was designed to accentuate the national flag of Burundi. The body of the jersey is primarily red, setting a complementary background for the country’s name sitting at the center of the piece in bold white lettering. The same motif is present on the back with our signature “MIZIZI” print. The green, white, and red patterns on the flag and the edges of the jersey allude to peace, hope, and the Burundian struggle for freedom. The red solid stars outlined in green represent both the major ethnic groups of Burundi- Hutu, Twa, and Tutsi, and the Burundian national motto: Unité, Travail, Progrès (French for "Unity, Work and Progress"). Our “Burundi” Basketball Jersey is a symbol of both national and cultural pride.

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Burundi Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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