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Angola Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop

Angola Basketball Jersey

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MIZIZI's “Angola” Basketball Jersey serves as a symbol of Angolan national pride. Inspired by the national flag, the piece puts emphasis on the Angolan national colors and its distinctive emblem. The county’s name “Angola”, spreads across the jersey, and is filled it with the prominent colors of the flag- black for the Motherland and red for the struggle for independence. These colors also fill in the number on either side and our signature “MIZIZI” print. The colors are further accented by the yellow body of the jersey. A repetitive pattern of the Angolan national flag is printed along the neckline and edges of the jersey in a wrap-around motion. The flag’s gold emblem, symbolizing Angola’s heritage of labor and productivity, is produced along the right side of the jersey. Hints of this motif are also present on in the wording of the jersey.

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Angola Basketball Jersey - MiziziShop


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