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    Our Story

    The MIZIZI jersey is more than a piece of clothing, it's the power that comes from being connected to our roots and feeling culturally represented. The jersey is authencity, visibility and self-awareness. Our respective cultures have always been dope and deserving of representation, now we can show the world how each of us wears our roots and unique cultural identities.

    The Birth

    MIZIZI started as an idea in the dining halls of the University of South Florida in spring of 2014. Paakow Essandoh and his friend George Kariuki (who later left the company for other business endeavors) noticed the lack of African pride displayed in Florida and decided to work to change that. They saw the lack of representation in Florida and thought about how Africans might be affected by the same thing globally. The duo would spend hours brainstorming ideas for patterns and designs that could be marketable.“We wanted to uplift that African self-esteem within everyone and give them something they can wear stylishly and take pride in,” Essandoh says. The line officially launched in the summer of 2015


    MIZIZI, meaning “roots” in Swahili is a lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit and strength of its African ancestors. Founded in 2015 and inspired by various cultures revolving around African roots, our limited, exclusive collections have always been designed with our values in mind: connection and representation. MIZIZI began as a reminder that taking pride in your roots is an integral part of self actualization and has transformed into a movement that leverages the power of representation to educate, revere and connect the multifaceted members of the Diaspora. Two years after it’s inception, MIZIZI is now a movement that transcends clothing; it is a celebration of individual identity and the roots that connect us all. Forever and always the goal is to#StayRooted

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